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Monday, April 3, 2017

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 14:52

It was a gray, misty morning and I almost didn't go outside for my morning devotions. But the finches were calling and the little wren had much to tell, so out I ventured wrapped in my favorite sweater, confident that coffee and the Word would warm the rest.

The cottonwood tree in my front yard is still young and she likes to tease. It was several minutes before I realized she was hiding masked bandits behind her leaves.

Cedar Waxwings are one of my favorite birds! I only get to see them about twice a year when they come through. Although they winter in Texas we don't have enough berry bushes around to get them to stay very long.

Little droplets of red wax on his wings are no doubt where he got his name. And it looks like he dipped his tail in someone's yellow paint bucket.

Waxwings winter in more than half the United States and are year-round visitors in the northern climes, so chances are you have them where you live.

They almost always travel in flocks, although the number of birds will vary. I had about a dozen visitors. They stayed around a good part of the morning and I enjoyed every minute of their visit!

We can miss so much locked away in our little houses. I'm glad I didn't miss the blessing God had for me on this misty morning.

What are you seeing through your lens this week?


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