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Friday, February 3, 2017

Inspired by . . . a memory of obedience

Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of my dad's passing from this life fully into the next. I still can't think about that time without experiencing a raw, sort of tearing in my heart. But last September, on a quiet hillside in New England, a bit of healing was begun as we honored my dad by remembering his life.

Now when I think about my dad, I like to remember the days when he was strong, healthy and full of life. Much like he was in December 2005.

That time holds a special memory for me. One that has a lot to do with where my dad is today.

On a chilly Arizona night in a sparkling blue pool, my dad and I stood shivering after having acted out the symbolism behind the truth of Romans 6:1-18.

Neither of us was newly saved. But we were newly convicted.

Our church had recently hired a new pastor and one of the first things he did was to determine whether or not the believers in the church had been baptized - as adults.

Let me be clear, baptism does not save you. It is only by the shed blood of Jesus that you are saved. But scripture makes it pretty clear that publically professing Jesus as your Savior and being baptized is part of our obedient response when we believe in Him.

While it may have been my pastor who made me aware of my lack in this area, it wasn't my pastor who convicted me and made me want to do something about it.  The Holy Spirit through the scriptures did the work of conviction.

I can't speak for my dad but since I know he didn't like drawing attention to himself or swimming in December any more than I did, I have to assume that he was under the same conviction.

So what's my point? In part, I'm just sharing a special memory of me and my dad. More importantly, if you are a believer who has never publically professed your belief in Jesus and been baptized as an adult I encourage you to examine the scripture and to pray about taking this step of obedience in your own life.

For me, the experience remains a treasured memory of the past and a bright hope for the future.


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