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Monday, January 9, 2017

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 02:52

I went for a winter walk today. Up to the hill where we're building our new home. Everything at this stage looks stalled and undone. But sometimes that is the way with dreams. One must have an imagination.

We're in between cold snaps. Yesterday was cold and windy. Today is dreary but warm. Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be especially frigid. 


As I walk I sense the shallow breaths of the sleeping earth. Even the sky is cloaked. Wrapped in layers of gray.

I'm thinking of Lizzy longing for her Jane. "My view from here is rather bleak." Or something like that . . .

Today, my view is the same. My Dreamer is away and since he is my heart, I feel justified in feeling so.

I'm hard pressed to find beauty today. It's always there, of course. Some days my eyes are not open enough to see it.

On the way back I remember something that I've been waiting to share with you. A pocket of JOYful remembrance that increases my step and reminds me that all days are not gray and dreary.

Because sometimes, even in winter, Texas gives us butterflies.

We bless thee, Lord for opening up to us the volume of 
nature where we may read and consider thy works.


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