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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Inspired by . . . warm, frothy milk

I've always preferred my milk cold. Even growing up on a farm where we had fresh milk twice a day, I drank the cold milk out of the refrigerator. But reading about warm, frothy milk paired with freshly baked bread, spread with freshly churned butter, topped with jam makes me wonder what I've been missing.

Maggot Meatloaf, on the other hand, is far less appetizing.

As you might have guessed, I've been indulging in some fantasy lately. When you're hurting and grieving it's a healthy way to escape for an hour or two.

The worlds of The Little White Horse and The Wingfeather Saga couldn't be any further apart if they tried. Fearsome Toothy Cows and lions that protect frolicking lambs simply do not coexist.

But as different as these stories are, certain elements remain the same. Evil and trials challenge the pure-hearted and courageous heroes who long for peace and acceptance. Yes, there is a happy ending in each of these stories. But not for all the characters. Even the good ones. There is pain, disappointment, and suffering.

Perhaps these fantasy worlds are not as far removed from our own as we first thought. While we don't live in fear of the Fangs of Dang or the Men from the Dark Woods we face personal trials and corporate evils that, in some ways, seem to be increasing every day.

It's tempting to respond like Sir Benjamin or the Hollowsfolk by simply ignoring the Dark Woods, or building walls to keep out the Fangs. But we all know that neither of those responses is the answer. We all live in this world together and what happens affects us all. 

There has always been evil in this world, and there have always been those who have stood against it. We all have a choice to make. We can be part of the problem or part of the solution. Our action or inaction falls on one side or the other.

There are many ways to stand against evil. You don't have to join the military or march in a protest. You can speak love to your neighbor and have compassion on your fellow man.

God has given all of us unique gifts and a specific place of service. Stand against the evil of this world with your actions and with your words.

Do what the Lord requires of you. It's really that simple.

Act justly. Love mercy. 
Walk humbly before God.

We may not all be Moon Princesses, but we are sons and daughters of the King.


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