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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 27:52

I thought you all might enjoy seeing an encounter we had earlier this week. It appears our dog, Sandy, has been making friends.

We had just finished putting out her food when we spotted this doe approaching. Since we were only a few feet away, I was surprised she kept advancing. We decided to wait around and see what would happen.

It's been hot here, so we assumed she was after Sandy's water. We were surprised when she started eating Sandy's food, instead!

Sandy was getting a drink of water off to the right side of this picture at the time.

The doe ran when Sandy finished drinking and headed back toward the food. But she didn't run far. We figured the she must know from experience that Sandy won't hurt her.

As you can see, Sandy is more interested in her food than her new friend!

The doe came right back when Sandy got down for another drink of water. 

Sandy came back for her food and seemed completely nonplussed by the presence of the doe. I wonder how often Sandy misses out on her meal. Around here, you snooze - you lose!

We were sitting just a few feet away the entire time. Normally, the deer won't come this close. 

I took all these with my cell phone and it was after sunset, so the pictures aren't the best. 

What I really want to know is: why do the deer have to eat my plants when they have Sandy's food to eat?

What interesting encounters have
you had this week?


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