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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 11:52

Sunday was one of those rare days when time seems to stand still, and JOY overflows. After five days of {much} needed rain, the sun emerged triumphant, wrapping me in it's warm embrace. It shone almost too brightly. Like a dream where you keep rubbing your eyes, trying to focus.

The breeze, which has been largely unwelcome all winter, came leaping and bounding from the south, bringing with it promises of warmer nights and just a hint of the sea.

Besides getting the second flower bed cleaned out, I'm unashamed to admit that I accomplished very little. 

Nature is wholly captivating to me. I can sit or wander for hours in complete wonder at her performance. I may or may not have sat, slack-jawed, as a giant swallowtail fluttered by. Already? It's only March! I grabbed the camera and went chasing after it, but alas it was gone, leaving only a vague impression of it's radiance.

My Dreamer has completed the first stage of the fence that we're putting up around our yard, and the Phoebes are taking advantage of the extra perches.

Rain or shine.

The rain also brought one of our occasional visitors, the Killdeer. They are such neat birds. This one wasn't at all camera shy, but I was shooting from inside the car, so it's not the best capture.

I spent a rainy day at my mom's place last week and her bird feeders were especially active. We counted seven male Northern Cardinals. Although I can only locate six in this picture.

What a treat it was to watch them!

Hopefully you haven't tired of all the birds . . .

Carolina Chickadee

. . . and butterflies.

American Lady

Because my big news this week is - - the hummers are back!

Black-chinned Hummingbird

I'm thinking about relocating my feeders, so my pictures don't look all the same as last year's.

What are you seeing
through your lens
this week?

Have a wonder-filled day,

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