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Monday, February 29, 2016

Inspired by . . . February - a look back

How fun to have an "extra" day this year! Especially for all those leap-year babies. Retailers are certainly taking advantage of the 29th, how about you?

February is a bittersweet month for me. It will forever be the anniversary of my dad's passing, as well as the anniversary of my Dreamer's birth. 

Today I'm sharing a look back in photos, and also a short list of what I learned this month.

Things are usually not as bad as we imagine them to be: Yes, I survived the dentist!

If you don't tell people your book is free on Amazon, no one will know: I scheduled a free giveaway of Act I of No Tomorrow in honor of my Dreamer's birthday, but forgot to announce it! So, if you're interested, mark your calendars for this Friday and Saturday, March 4, 5th. No Tomorrow, Act I will be a free download for two days!

Everyone loves spring: the post featuring our early blooming pear tree was a favorite this month!

Buffer makes it easy: to have a consistent presence on social media. Have you heard of them? You can check them out here.

The Lenten season is perfectly timed: For some reason this time of year is usually busy and rushed. Observing Lent this year has allowed me to slow down. To be intentional about how I spend my time. When we move more slowly through our days, it's easier to see the moments three dimensionally, rather than in a blur as we rush past. 3D moments are easier to grasp and hold onto, to examine and find the deeper meaning.

My favorite quote this month:

When you look back
at February
what do you see?


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