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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Inspired by . . . it’s a bird’s life

We have two large, north-facing windows in our cottage. Their gaze sweeps over a small side yard, down the hill into the low-hanging branches of a large oak tree, and up over the tree tops into the pale blue of the north sky.

The side yard, while still quite open, is graced by an encroaching canopy of oak limbs stretching, here to the east and there to the west. Much of it remains shaded throughout the day with the cottage blocking the sun to the south.

It is in this little side yard that I chose to place my bird feeders.

One can see out these windows from nearly every place in the cottage. The windows act as a bit of a bird-blind, as long as I stay far enough back, and I delight in watching the antics of the birds and other critters.

Last month, I shared some squirrel yoga - -

on Facebook and Instagram, but this post is all about the birds!


Northern Cardinal


Carolina Chickadee



Immature Carolina Wren - getting a leg up


Immature Black-crested Titmouse


Immature Female Northern Cardinal


Immature Male Northern Cardinal


White-winged Dove


Every once in a while you see something new. I was delighted to catch this immature golden-fronted woodpecker {female} cooling off in the birdbath!


 My! what a large beak you have!


It’s interesting, the more you observe, the more you will see distinct personalities and behaviors appear. I never tire of observing nature. Sometimes we can learn more about ourselves by looking outward.


A bird doesn't sing because he has an answer,

he sings because he has a song.

~Joan Walsh Anglund, A Cup of Sun, 1967


Have a wonder-filled day,



Note: If you’re having a problem with BWC’s {Bird-Window Collisions},  I found this ad in my latest copy of Bird & Bloomsabirdseyeview.com

BWC’s are the largest human-caused factor in bird mortality.

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