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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Inspired by . . . golden

Was it just me, or did June seem to go by at an unusually warped speed? {pun intended}

If my understanding of Chapter IV of Laura’s book, Playdates with God, is correct then this feeling of time passing by at warp speed means that I’ve allowed things to become too familiar. I haven’t been out playing, seeking adventure, opening my eyes to God’s beauty and blessings as I should. A quick review of my calendar shows this to be true. My notes reveal that I haven’t been out adventuring for nearly a month. Not since I visited the thistle forest on the hill in late May.





The speed at which I devour life is not going to get me any farther ahead or hasten the day of His return. But it may, in fact, get me to That Day less prepared than I ought to be. I know this, and yet I don't act on it.

I let life dictate. There are some things out of our control, certainly. But there are many more things that we allow to have control, that we should not allow to have control.

I know this.

Allowing life to dictate - - being re-active, instead of pro-active - - leads to disappointment and disillusionment. It causes time to pass us by and leave us looking back longingly and, often, with regret.

I know this.

I also know what it feels like to get it right.

On days when I succeed, time seems to stand still. It's a euphoric feeling, similar to waking up and realizing it's first day of summer vacation - only better. It’s the feeling we get, I believe, when we’re in the center of God’s will. That golden moment.

I had one of these days in June.


I ache for more.

More is possible. But it involves being intentional {my #oneword365 for last year} and obedient. And let’s face it, when life wants to pull you in the opposite direction of obedient, it’s oh-so-very-easy to give in.




So what’s the answer?

New. {my #oneword365 for this year}

To begin anew.

Every day, seek the blessing. Seek a new perspective, endeavor to see through a gratitude shaped lens. Open your eyes to the possibility and promise.



Every moment is sacred when we pay attention to it.

~Laura Boggess, Playdates with God


And when we fail, there is grace, and another opportunity to begin anew.





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