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Friday, April 10, 2015

Inspired by . . . red, white and bluebonnets

As I write this, the heavens are rumbling, the sky is flashing and the clouds are sending down their sweet nectar to water our earth.  Processing these images to share with you has been a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary day.

The sweetest man in the world and I took a quick trip over to Brady, Texas last week and what an adventure it was! My senses are still reeling from the experience. I’m thinking about getting a sign for the back of our truck that reads, “I break for EVERYTHING!”

Seriously, I was like a kid in the candy store, times ten! Texas is really putting on a show this year! {and yes, I am that person laying on her belly in a field of wildflowers!}

All that rain we had {and complained about} this winter - well, we are reaping the blessing, friends!






Texas Paintbrush


I wrote about bluebonnets here last year, and if you’re interested in learning about the different varieties of the Texas state flower you can find the post and my pictures  here.

This photo isn’t great. The fires burning in Mexico were really affecting our air quality that day. But I wanted to show you what our roadsides look like right now. It’s just a carpet of color.





There is a lesson for me here, in the abundance of the wildflowers.

A promise fulfilled.

A blessing given.






“I have learned that faith means trusting in advance

what will only make sense in reverse.” ~Phillip Yancey




And then there were these:




Thank you to Wildseed Farms for the beauty you harvest and propagate!

You can read about the maroon bluebonnets here and here.




"Little things seem nothing,

but they give peace,

like those meadow flowers which

individually seem odorless

but all together perfume the air."

~ Georges Bernanos





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  1. What a beautiful read to start my morning! Thank you for posting your vivid photos, and for taking the time to lay down in the fields to capture the images. Gorgeous!

  2. just beautiful! you're a little ahead of us. ours are only popping for about a week as we got a late start on spring. hoping we get a bunch of 'em, though!

    (and sadly, no horse butt on the other side of the gate...)

  3. Oh glorious! It's been years since we visited our dear Texas friends, and these beauties have brought back some very sweet memories today, June. Thanks for taking me back ...

  4. Time for another trip to Texas :) you have more friends here now!

  5. If you had anything close to the wet winter we did then they will come!

  6. The colors are amazing! I am also 'that' person who lies on her belly in the middle of a field to get a good photograph. :)

  7. It's good to know I'm in good company, Michelle! Thanks for stopping by today!

  8. Gorgeous - love the fields of flowers!
    Please come link up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/04/cat-on-ladder.html

  9. And truly stunning in person, I assure you, Jill. I have never seen them so, and was on quite a high that day! I think it took us twice as long to get to our destination, lol! So nice to see you here. Have a wonder-filled week!

  10. MMMM, MMM, MMM... oh I am loving these shots. I think I would have to hang these on my walls if I were you.

  11. Thanks, Lisa! I was thinking about maybe making a set of greeting cards from them, but so few people send snail mail anymore. Personally, I'm a big fan :) Wonder if anyone would be interested in them, or maybe some canvas art as a giveaway on my blog. . . we'll see. Thanks so much for the encouragement !

  12. I love your stunning floral photos, June, and the story behind them (better than stopping to smell the roses!) and wanted to let you know that you are one of our featured guests at this week's Inspire Me Monday party - have a blessed week! :-)

  13. Oh, Ramona, I'm always honored to be a part of Inspire Me Monday! You made my day! Thank you, friend!


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