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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Inspired by . . . Oreo Cookie Cows and Hummers

Last week, in the midst of a rather difficult day, the Hummers returned.




As you see the weather was not the most accommodating, but they are formidable little creatures!  The black-chinned hummingbirds are gracing my humble abode once again, and  my heart delights!




The ruby-throats will arrive, probably in another month or so, creating a war zone for a time. But they will move on north, to visit some of you, while the black-chins remain. If the Phoebe is my winter JOY, the black-chins are indeed my summer JOY. I never tire of watching them and have been known to burn dinner because I was watching out of the window rather than over the stove!



French Kiss Texture Purple Prose and crackle overlay

But what is a bit of burned food to these tiny miracles! {I think you know my opinion on the matter!}

Something else that happened last week, was that I finally got pictures of the Oreo Cookie Cows! I’ve been trying for three years, quite literally, to get these shots, and while the cows were not as close as I would have liked, I could not wait another moment to share these with you!

What are Oreo Cookies Cows, you ask? Well, see for yourself!




Yes, I am having a bit of fun. As some of you may already know, these are actually Belted Galloway cattle. But I like to call them my Oreo cookie cows, just for fun!



French Kiss texture Impressions


As you see I’ve been playing around with some new {to me} textures and overlays. If you’re interested in textures and fun stuff like that, Leslie offers several as a free download for new members. You can check it out here.

And finally, I’ve been trying for awhile to get a good shot of the sweet chickadees that grace my feeders year-round. They flit about and move so fast, it’s really quite a challenge! But, I finally captured one and had some fun applying a grunge texture, then a blend mode, and then masked out the bird itself.




He’s sitting on a branch of the crepe myrtle tree in my front yard. This was just taken just a few days ago, and today I see that the branches are budding!


“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke






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  1. Such delicate birds, great images! And then Oreos. The difference in the subjects made me chuckle. I have never seen an "oreo." They are quite intriguing. Happy spring!

  2. I'm so glad you shared these pix! You knew I'd love those Oreo Cookie Cows, didn't ya?

    So cute...All of them!!

    And a crepe myrtle TREE? They grow as bushes in Arizona...LOL

  3. I've never seen such cows! I love them! And your hummingbird against the blue is gorgeous!

  4. The oreo cookie cows are wonderful! I've never seen this kind of cow before! Love that your hummers are back. The texture treatments make such interesting photos! All wonderful shots!

  5. Just love to see the hummingbirds. And the cow is cute :)

  6. Beautiful shots, lady. Fun to peek into your world!

  7. Ha! I didn't think about how different they were. Like sharing elephants and mice, lol! Happy spring to you too, Sharon!

  8. Everything is bigger in Texas, y'all! ;)

  9. Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm so happy they're back!

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Marie! I enjoy working with textures. Sometimes they can make a not so great photo fun. Have a blessed day!

  11. They are fun, Lux! I enjoy looking for them every time we pass by that ranch. Hope you're having a great week!

  12. Good to see you here, friend! From the FB stream I see your still deep in book launch - so exciting! So proud of you and glad things are going well!

  13. Spring is in the air!

    That's one of the advantages of living here, as you know, we get the hummingbirds year round. They're such a treat to watch play in the late afternoon.

    Just when you think you've heard of everything… "Oreo cookie cows?" I thought to myself… but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, certainly more than three anyway… Great pictures!

  14. These are so nice! I'm always impressed with those who can photograph hummingbirds. I'm convinced that I'll never be able to do it as they are just too fast!

  15. Nada está parado no caminho entre nós e Deus. Nada está impedindo-nos de sua Santa presença

  16. Hello June, I am looking to seeing my ruby-throated hummers return.. You are so lucky to see the hummers there.. And I love the Oreo cattle, so pretty. Cute shot of the chickadee.. Thank you so much for linking up, have a happy new week!

  17. I know! Fun, right ? ! thanks for stopping by :)

  18. I remember! We used to have "wars" on our back patio. Aggressive little creatures! I know people that have them year round here, too, but I think our landscape is too open for winter visitors. They only disappear for a couple of months though. I think the last one I saw was in November. The cows are a bit of fun :) Thanks for stopping by, Floyd!

  19. Don't give up, Kim! You just have to wait for them to land :)

  20. Thanks for stopping by! Now I just have to figure out how to translate your comment! I hope you can read mine, have a great week!

  21. Ramblingwoods.com just posted a migration map of average arrival dates, you may want to check it out! It shows that some ruby's have been spotted as far north as N. Carolina already! I haven't seen any here yet, but there have been many other sightings in Texas.Have a great week, Eileen!


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