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Monday, March 23, 2015

Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 13:52


When I’m feeling especially sad, I often go outside and talk to the trees.

Actually, I talk to God more than I talk to the trees. God talks back. And, so far, the trees have not. Although, it is possible that they are just speaking a language that I do not yet understand.

Lest you think me completely off my rocker, I was delighted to find talking trees mentioned in the Bible recently when I was pondering some of Jesus’s words in Mark 11 (more on that in another post). Oh, the talking tree? You can find it in Judges 9, if you want to go look it up.




I was blessed in the reading of this quote, from Arabah Joy’s Trust Without Boundaries, earlier this week:


"When we wake up and walk weak,

we need to be men and women who remember the gospel,

a rag-tag band who preaches it to ourselves."


I’ve been walking weak lately, in this season of grief. I have needed to remember the gospel, and preach it to myself. Arabah reminds us that although we have the blood of Eve (fallen humanity) pumping through our veins, the “antidote to being a daughter of Eve is the all-sufficient, perfect blood of Christ. His blood supersedes the blood we inherited from Eve.”




God is speaking Truth to me in this season. Through His word first and foremost, but also through His children, like Arabah, and others. God is awesome like that.

My God-talk is interrupted by the incessant bleating of a goat. I look up and see a small herd, some distance off. Zooming in with my camera I can see one little kid darting to and fro amongst the larger adults. Poor thing, he must have lost his mother. But his bleating brings to mind the words of the prophet Samuel to King Saul in 2 Samuel 15:14.




I think of my own disobedience and wonder if it resounds like the bleating of sheep in the ears of my Lord.

The bleating stops suddenly, and along with the silence a peace settles over my soul.




I remember my Redeemer.

I have been put to death with Christ on His cross,

so that it is no longer I who live,

but it is Christ who lives in me.

This life that I live now, I live by faith in the Son of God,

Who loved me and gave His life for me.  Gal 2:19-20




There is no sound of bleating sheep in my Lord’s ear.  By the precious blood of Jesus, I have been cleansed of my sin and made right before God. Just as the pear tree has put on a new frock for spring, I am clothed with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.  (Col 3:12)



This is the Truth of the gospel. The Truth I must remember today, and every day.

And today, live as one redeemed.





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  1. Love the associations you always bring to mind.. Your relationship with God is so strong, and because you are listening, results are measurable. You are virtually hugged my sweet friend. Please know that those of us who adore you, hold you very close. XO

  2. Great words and photos June, there can be so much solace in nature that even less strong believers than yourself can feel the wonder, take care x

  3. Beautiful! I have been itching to grab my camera and just head for the trees myself lately! I just may carve out a little time to do that this week!

  4. Beautiful photos and excellent post! We have a wonderful God. I like your reference to the chapter with the talking trees!

  5. Your photos are beautiful. I agree that God speaks to us when we're quiet enough to listen. And many times, he speaks through other people.....like you! Your words touched my heart today as I, too, am walking weak these days. They were much comfort to me. Thank you!

  6. Oh June, I love how your pictures and words tie so beautifully together with nature. My friend loves to talk to trees. Now you've got me interested about those Bible verses. I bet she would love them too!

  7. Preaching to ourselves may be some of the best preaching! We know our weak spots. If God can talk through a donkey, I'm guessing he can through trees as well. :)

  8. How true that we just have to listen to hear His voice. Your photos and words blend beautifully.

  9. Do it, Karrilee! The trees, and more importantly, God are waiting, lol!

  10. We do, indeed, Bethany! The truth of His wonder blows my mind. So good to see you here! Have a blessed day!

  11. Ah, Lisa, we are such frail vapors, but we serve a mighty God. May He comfort and bless you today!

  12. I have always loved trees, even as a little girl. And of course I love the whole idea of Tolkien's Ents in the LOTR! It's always fun and encouraging to uncover new things in scripture, don't you think? Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

  13. I'm so thankful for ALL the ways in which He speaks to us, Lisa, and I know you are as well. Thanks for stopping by, friend :)

  14. Listening can be hard sometimes, there is so much noise in this world. But seeking Him, in silence, or in a crowded room, is always worth it. Thanks for the encouragement, Betty! Have a blessed day!

  15. Lovely, lovely post June... I do not think I can add anything better than what others spoke.


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