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Friday, January 2, 2015

Inspired by . . . new


There is a reason why Narnia was covered in snow and ice when Lucy stumbled through the wardrobe and came upon the lamp post. You may remember, if you’ve seen the movie or, better yet, read the book, that as the children made their way to the valley where Aslan was  preparing his army, they met Father Christmas and the earth began to show signs of spring. In fact, by the time they reached the valley the earth was in full summer attire, flaunting rich green grass and fragrantly blooming trees.

Winter represents death. The kingdom of the enemy.

Except for a few places on earth where winter never arrives, these months are a time for plants and some animals to die. For the earth to rest, to lay quietly in waiting. The ground becomes hard and cold. The weather harsh, and unforgiving.




Yet the same ice that covers the tree limbs, breaking them , and causing so much damage, shines like a multi-faceted jewel when touched by the rays of the sun.

We catch our breath in wonder.

The sparkle invades our senses and we feel JOY.

Despite the death evident all around us, we see beauty in the freshly fallen snow and the feathery etchings left after an ice storm.

Just as Jesus speaks each snowflake into existence, and we marvel that no two are alike, we are each individually fashioned by Him.

Isn’t it just like God to come into the winter of lives, into the cold, hard ground of our heart and speak something new?

To give us hope.

To renew the expectation and wonder we first had, when things were new.

The new-ness wears off so quickly, doesn’t it? I’ll wager that a few of you have children who are already bored with the gifts they received for Christmas last week.

I don’t want to bored with one thing in this life! But I do want to be finished with a few!

I’m ready for new!


To be honest, new scares me.

But I know it’s time. He has been preparing me. So really, I wasn’t too surprised when God whispered this word softly to my soul as I was praying about my {one} word for the year.



Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?
(Isa 43:19 KJV)


Yes, Lord, I do want to know it, this new You have for me.

Even though I don’t know for sure what new looks like, I know You go before me.

My life is in Your hands.








Texture {earth} by Mona

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  1. Awesome message! God's promise of something new is wonderful!

  2. I absolutely love this perspective!

  3. I love this, June. I love how there is always something new He's teaching us, revealing to us and planting in our hearts. Looking forward to a NEW year with you, friend.
    Much love.

  4. Oh my. This is one of my favorite posts you've written so far! What a great word for the year, too. Thank you for blessing us with the words that God puts on your heart. Praying lots of new experiences, blessings, and discoveries for the new year and beyond.

  5. June, this is a well thought out post. Hindsight brings insight and as I look back at all the new God has brought into my life I thank Him for doing so. Without the newness of a challenge I would not have had wings to grow with. Wisdom and courage to us the wisdom God has given would have died in the ground with out a new issue to teach me about His grace...I like this word, yes, new is a good word.

  6. I'm excited to see where this year takes you June. Linking arms with you in your NEW world, and standing strong against fear.

  7. I love this. So thankful that He promises to do something new in our lives! Thankful the winter is finally passing.

  8. New? What a wonderful, exciting, and (yes) a little scary word, June. I am grateful that his mercies are new every morning and that I am a new creation in him. So many wonderful things about new. I'm praying a new wellness for you dad, my friend. Praying his doctors find a simple answer and that all will be well very soon. Much love.

  9. What a wonderful post!! Do you know that just last week, when I recapped my thoughts on my 2014 word, that I used a quote from the Chronicles of Narnia about Aslan ending winter? For it's this truth, this inspiring thought, that brings such wonder - God is all about breaking the *cold and frozen* parts of our hearts, and infusing them with something NEW!!

    This verse came to my mind: "And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you." (Ezekiel 36:26, NLT)

    Last year I was "scared" by my word, JOY. And the journey began with my father's death in early January. I wondered where God would take me. But, in the end, He taught me such treasures about the word! I know that He has many NEW things to reveal to you about His Truth, NEW paths to follow, and NEW depths of faith to explore. It might be a crazy journey, for sometimes "old things" must be pruned to make room for new growth. But God has you firmly in hand...and all will done in His love!

    Looking forward to the journey, June!



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