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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Inspired by . . . shore birds

No doubt many of you will consider me odd when I tell you that during our four-day adventure to Galveston, TX last month we spent, all totaled, about five minutes on the beach.

Who has time for sunbathing when there are ships to be explored, wetlands to be navigated and shrimp to be consumed?

Of course, my five minutes on the beach was spent photographing seashells and seaweed, lol! I do look forward to returning to Galveston and exploring her beaches someday. On this trip I was far too enamored with the ‘locals’ to mind the beach.


The welcoming committee.





It really is neat to watch the brown pelicans flying overhead. They are truly beautiful in flight. Maybe on the next trip I can capture one. These appear to be breeding adults, due to the dark brown markings on the back of their heads.

These black-necked stilts moved much too fast for my camera. This was the best shot I was able to get. They appear so fragile on those long legs.





Another fast, and really interesting bird is the clapper rail. Can’t you just see his personality shining through! I love the way he blends into the marsh grasses.





Tide pools are a great place to find the locals! I wanted to get closure to get a better shot of this tricolored heron, fishing with his friend the white ibis, but I was afraid I would scare everyone away.





Here’s another shot of the white ibis.





I saved my favorite for last. I could watch the great egret hunt fish all day long. They are so graceful.





Their necks are so skinny! Some of the pictures I took looked really funny. This image was my favorite of all.





I hope you enjoyed meeting some of the locals of Galveston Island!


Have a wonder-filled day,




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  1. Wonderful shots ! I would have been doing the same...the beach can wait ! lol

  2. Those are great shots! Although I have to admit, I thought I was going to get a shot of "Your seawalls crashing." That Glen Campbell song is going to stuck in my head all day! Galveston, oh, Galveston...

  3. I did enjoy meeting the locals! Your last two images are my favorite. I love his long skinny neck and legs. Great shots!

  4. Hi June! I really like your first photo of all the pelicans. I have never seen so many at one time! I have been to Florida many times and seen one or two, but this is a feast for the eyes! I'd love to go to Galveston some day, it sure looks hopping with wildlife!

  5. Wonderful shorebird photos, especially the pelicans.

  6. Fabulous photos of all the different birds.

  7. Great variety of birds and photos..I love the Pelicans!

  8. Your favorite photo is mine too. What wonderful photos. I love taking pictures, especially at the beach. Your pictures bring me joy:)

  9. beautiful bird photography. :) I think I have seen all of them on different locations. :)

  10. Wow.... no wonder you didn't spend any time on the beaches....you're right ...who would have time? This is great... a bunch of super shots....

  11. I admire anyone who can take pictures that makes me want to view what they captured with my own eyes. Beautiful. It's easy to see and read how they captured your heart. Thanks for sharing.

  12. This is beauuuutiful! Love wild birds! Started your book! :^) patsy

  13. I so enjoyed meeting the locals of Galveston. Such beautiful photos, June. You capture such beauty!! Love you. xoxo

  14. Gorgeous shots. I love those Pelicans!

  15. Super images!!!! Yep, the locals and their personalities are MUCH better to watch than the floating seaweed. Any day.

    Thanks for sharing this with us all....and linking up at the Bird D'Pot this week!!

  16. Oh, that last shot... lovely!!!!

  17. What wonderful waterbird shots! Yep, the wetlands are a treasure trove of great birds and other wildlife! I have been to Galveston Beach ONCE (we lived in Houston for a year back in the late 70s and lived near Giddings for five years...that tells you how much Galveston beach meant to us! :-) Our daughter was pregnant with our grandson and we pitched a sun shade and sat under it to watch the waves and the people on the beach. I love the sound of surf....hate the sand! :-)


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