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Friday, August 1, 2014

Inspired by . . . Psalm 89


I shall sing always of the loving deeds {mercies} of the Lord; v. 1


Your throne is founded on righteousness and justice;

love and faithfulness are in attendance on You. v. 14


Happy are the people who have learnt to acclaim You,

who walk in the light of Your countenance, Lord! v.15


To the Lord belongs our shield, to the
Holy One of Israel our King.
v. 18


Yet You have spurned Your anointed one,

You have rejected him and raged against him. v. 38 





Sometimes, it is no easy thing to reconcile God’s providences with His promises, and yet we are sure they are reconcilable; for God’s works fulfill His word and never contradict it.

We misconstrue the rebukes of the Providence if we think they void the covenant.


Yet I shall not deprive him of My love,

nor swerve from My faithfulness;

I shall not violate My covenant,

nor alter what I have promised. v. 33


I shall establish his line forever and his throne as long as the heavens endure. v.29


Remember, our kingdom is not of this world.





Remember, Lord, the taunts hurled at Your servant,

how I have borne in my heart the calumnies of the nations;

for Your enemies have taunted us, Lord,

taunted Your anointed king at every step. v. 51


The more others blaspheme God the more we should bless Him.

In blessing God, we encourage ourselves.





God is true, and we will never distrust Him.


Blessed be the Lord for ever.

Amen and Amen. v. 52






Thoughts: taken and/or adapted from Matthew Henry’s commentary on Psalm 89

Images: I’ve been experimenting with abstract “painting” with my camera. These shots of the lantana in my garden are the first that have even come close to achieving what I’m looking for… the JOY is in the JOurYney – You can click here to see what inspires me!



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  1. gorgeous, radiant hues, June. as ever, your creativity flows like a river.

    and yes, His mercies are new every morning. where would we be without that kind of steady faithfulness ...


    loveliest weekend blessings, friend ...

  2. The love, mercy, and grace is ever apparent in the fact that our Father supplies the very air his creation breathes that use that air to curse and blaspheme Him. That's love...

  3. You know, sometimes life (father of lies) does its best to try to convince us that God is neither loving nor good. But, His Word promises that He is infinitely and perfectly both. We must never distrust Him.


    (I like the photos, by the way!)

  4. June, the photos are awesome. You should print these on canvas and frame.

    Your Godly wisdom is a blessing. Your words flow like a peaceful river over my soul.

  5. Lovely, lovely photography. In face, the reason i clicked on this link was because of the lovely colors. thank you for sharing this with this psalm. visiting from the weekend brew.

  6. I love the perfect blur you got here. And, I love the pink and green colors.


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