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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Inspired by . . . Phoebe


You don't need an alarm clock when you have a family of Eastern Pheobe's living behind your house!




Their raspy "phoebe" call sounds a bit like a dog's squeaky toy, and their favorite perching fence is right outside my bedroom window! When I noticed a pair of these flycatchers hanging around our yard in early spring of this year, I hoped they would decide to raise their family here.




These highly-active birds don't sit still for long, but they do keep returning to the same perch time and again. This makes them relatively easy to photograph.




You won't find these insect-eaters at your bird feeders, but they may use the top of your shepherd's hook at a look out. They prefer semi-open areas where they can easily see and catch insects. These aerial wonders can stop mid-air and change direction in seconds. They are very entertaining to watch!

This pair built a nest under the back eave of our house and had one hatchling. The adorable little grey ball of fuzz used to come visit me on the front porch when he was learning to fly – He's a little camera shy, but I'm hoping to catch up with him soon!




I'm currently reading Beth Moore's book, To Live Is Christ, in which she follows Paul's journey of faith. In the first few chapters, Beth gives us a picture of what Saul's {Paul} childhood was probably like. He was the son of a Pharisee, and raised according to the strict Jewish law. By the time he was ten he knew the intricacies of the oral law. By the time he was thirteen he would have been practicing the associated rituals of that law. After describing some of the rituals, which began before sunrise, Beth states: "A thirteen year old boy could not get out of bed in the morning without remembering to whom he belonged."


There are times that I need to be reminded to whom I belong.

Don't worry, I don't plan to start strapping phylacteries on my head and arms anytime soon. That would be silly. But Beth's statement made me think about my first thoughts every morning.

I thought of the Phoebe calling to her mate.

And I remembered to Whom I belong.







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  1. Pretty shots of the Phoebe! I love to hear their sounds.. Have a happy week!

  2. so very sweet! fee BEE! FEE bee... :)

  3. June ... award winning images these are!


  4. What clear, detailed images! I love your comments about thinking about who you belong to. Beth Moore's Bible studies always inspire and challenge me. I haven't read the book you mention -- but I'd like to!

  5. These are the sweetest little birds. They winter in our area and I look forward to them each year. You captured their sweetness so well. It's always enjoyable (and uplifting) to see how you weave scripture into your posts.

  6. In Italy we haven't these lovely little birds, you know, we have different plants and animals, but to be honest birds are all so beautiful and tender, they look so sweet and helpless .. I wonder how could you capture these lovely creature so near, in these stunning photographs !
    Thank you my dear friend, for your always surprising posts !
    Sending much love

  7. HI June these are wonderful shots of these lovely birds. Yes sometimes we need a reminder of whom we belong to and as I live onmy own, the first person I usually say good morning to is out Lord.

  8. thank you for linking in this sweetie! :)

  9. Great snaps of some very cute birds...:)

  10. Beautiful bird and captures of it. love your post. Isn't it wonderful to belong to Him.

  11. Beautiful close-ups. I like this take on fences.

  12. Really beautiful post! So thoughtful...with wonderful photos! I hope you finally capture the little fledeling too!

  13. the phoebe is a gorgeous little bird. I was happy to see it when I visted Costa Rica.


  14. Great close ups!! Boom, Bobbi, and Gary.

  15. Gorgeous photos...I especially love the last one! I don't have any of these birds in my yard in Ohio...so fun to see yours!

  16. I could definitely wake up to this kind of alarm!! Sweet, beautiful images!!!

    Thanks for linking up this weekend at the Bird D'Pot!! All the birders appreciate your participation.

  17. Great shots. One of the old names for kookaburra was "bush mans clock" for the same reason as your bird.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  18. What a cute little bird. Best alarm clock ever!

  19. These are really good. I almost had an opportunity to bird-shoot... but they flew away before I could capture them.


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