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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Inspired by . . .  tetrad

This is not the post I had originally planned to share with you today. But . . .


. . . something happened last night.


"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night;

and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years." Gen 1:14






The first of four total lunar eclipses (blood moons) set to happen between now and September 2015.






EarthSky.org describes a lunar tetrad as: "Four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six lunar months (six full moons)." Not necessarily that rare – there was one in 2003 – what is significant is how these correlate to major Jewish feast days. Two of the eclipses happen on Passover, the other two at Sukkot. In 21 centuries there have only been 8 (including this coming one) blood moon tetrads that fell on the Jewish Feasts of Passover and Sukkot and the 3 most recent ones occurred during extremely important events for Israel.




If you're interested in the history, both past and present, you can read more here: Elijah List




"The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming

of the great and awesome day of the LORD." -Joel 2:31


This should not be a time of fear, but a time of readiness.

A time to watch, and pray.

And, most importantly, a time to share the great HOPE we have in Jesus Christ.





Note: All of these images are SOOC.  I might decide to "play" later with some hue saturation, etc., but I wanted you to see exactly what my camera shot last night. I didn't even crop these, just added the watermark.




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  1. We got up for this but did not get very good pictures. Thank you so much for sharing yours. BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Great photography! And we spent a lot of time, discussing tetrad with the girls last night...love you!

  3. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Awesome post and pictures! I just had a conversation yesterday with someone and we were trying to remember where that verse was in scripture. Thanks for the lesson, there are no coincidences.

  5. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great photos, June! You're doing great with the new camera. Are these the first photos from it? If so, how special is that!

    Your post is very eye-opening. I knew about the verse from Joel, but none of the other things you mentioned. God is still in control. Just gives me chills!

  7. Your photos are AMAZING! One of the elders in our church taught about the significance of this recently.

  8. Truly amazing pictures, June, and very interesting how the history of blood moons has panned out over the centuries. Thanks for sharing, Bonny

  9. Absolutely fabulous photography. Than you for sharing.

  10. Well done you, there are absolutely excellent and what an amazing thing to have caught on camera


  11. Beautiful photographs and a great post...it is time to share the great hope we have in Jesus Christ, amen!

  12. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing them! I am sure you were thrilled to see it and capture it. We had too much snow in the air to see it.

  13. really wonderful shots. like a plum in the sky.

  14. Great photos...better yet, great reminder of the scripture. I could not help but wonder as I looked, Lord is this the day? It wasn't so there must be more to do before He calls us home.

  15. Great photos...better yet, great reminder of the scripture. I could not help but wonder as I looked, Lord is this the day? It wasn't so there must be more to do before He calls us home.

  16. So glad I stopped by today. Those are incredible photos.

  17. I am completely jealous! We had rain...clouds....no moon to see. Your photos are terrific.

  18. I wonder how you could make such amazing shots, my dear, they're really incredible to me !!
    It's such a joy to watch them while reading your Holy Bible quotes !
    Have a Joyful day xoxox


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