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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Inspired by . . . simple

Sometimes something can be so plentiful as to become ordinary. Something that once was exciting, interesting or enjoyable can become boring, simple and dull.


Some might say that about the rose.

They certainly are plentiful.

Some might view a bouquet of roses unimaginative.




Textured with Kim's kk_simple


I'm quite certain that Mitt Romey's mother would not agree.

Mr. Romey has shared that every day his Dad gave his Mom a rose, which he left on her bedside table. That's how she knew he was gone. That morning she woke up and there was no rose.

One simple, ordinary rose making a profound statement.

Every day.



Textured with Kim's kk_waterfront7


Is there something in your life that was once exciting, interesting or enjoyable, that has now become ordinary? Common? Dull?

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and that something was no longer in your life?



Textured with Kim's kk_deardreamer


Would the ordinary suddenly be


once again?






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  1. Exquisite. Absolutely exquisite that postcard is. And the gift of blooms are always a gift of the soul, for they speak deep in fragrance and texture and memories of past loveliness.

    What a way to start my Tuesday, June. Thank you for this treasure!


  2. Gorgeous and food for thought, visiting from TT

  3. Wow. That'll wake up a sleepy and comfortable mind! We tend to take so much for granted. Think I'll go and look at the flowers today, might even stop to smell a rose. Thanks for the reminder, June.

  4. Not sure if my comment went through.
    Great post. We shouldn't take things or people for granted. Life is precious.

  5. That is a very wise way of looking at life. All of life is extra-ordinary! And there is nothing unimaginative about a rose. They are one of the most beautiful, intricate flowers every created.
    Visiting from TT, Life Through the Lens and P52

  6. Fantastic, with the black background and white rose. Very striking.

  7. June, Your thoughtful post was just what I needed today. I spent the day helping my Mom with a doctor appointment and medical issues. It was a long and tiring day and I was beginning to feel resentful. But now I remember the simple truth that I love her and will miss her profoundly when she is gone. And so, your message of the simple rose, seemingly so ordinary, reassured me. Your images are stunning and your words an encouragement. Thank you.

  8. I doubt that a rose can ever be ordinary.

  9. Love your post card edition. It seems that the ordinary is too easily overlooked in our day and time. It's sad.

  10. I noticed on another post that you live in TX and don't have lilacs. Must be way south. I'm in Lubbock and we have them here, just barely.They usually freeze when they're about to bloom.

  11. Wonderful play with words to make us ponder what we value. Coming over from Thought provoking Thursday and glad it did.

  12. Oh My! I am SO super glad you linked up this week at #InspireMeMOnday. This was absolutely needed for me today. What a beautiful inspiration to live your life for each moment to make a difference!

  13. hi June!

    Nice to see you and to feel your adoration and attention to my blog yesterday. Chemo went better than I assumed it would. I have been prescribed several handy nausea pills which are working nicely! Great news. Oh and all of the preliminary test were normal.

    Yay, happy last week of April and return often, k? ♥,Renae

  14. Love your illustrating words for Simple. Very nice and such lovely photos you've shared. :)

  15. Your writing always inspires me June!
    Congratulations - you are one of my featured guests at Inspire Me Monday this week!

  16. Your photographs are so beautiful, June, but your postcard is absolute superb !!
    Thank you for showing and sharing such loveliness, my dear friend <3
    Love to you xox

  17. I love these all, but if I had to choose, i think the second one is my absolute favorite :-). Sorry I'm so late in commenting this week :( Life got in the way.


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