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Friday, April 4, 2014

Inspired by . . . quirky selfie


This one was easy – ha!

In my case ANY selfie is QUIRKY {smile}

I definitely prefer the abstract when it comes to portraying myself.

I think these turned out rather fun. . . .



Textured with Bonnie's Blue Rhapsody texture (Crystalline Quartet Set) {love this set!}



Textured with Bonnie's Old World Charm 1 (Old World Charm Set)


I find it amusing that both of these are reflections of me in my computer screen. Tells you where I spend most of my time. The first one was taken outside, so a lot of what is going on around me is the reflection of trees and leaves behind me, and the sun shining through my hair.  The second selfie {my personal favorite} was a complete accident. I was trying to do something on my new phone and took a picture instead!

It was perfect timing for Bonnie's party this week! And speaking of Bonnie – for those of you who do not already know – Bonnie truly is a special lady.

It was through Bonnie's encouraging blog and gracious giving of her free textures that I came to appreciate "abstract" art. I am a purist at heart – a "straight out of the camera" kinda girl. But Bonnie awakened a new path of creativity in me, and along with that a new appreciation for all forms of art. There are still some photos I can't bring myself to "texturize," but I've had a lot of fun playing and "making" art with my photographs, too.

Bonnie is a true artist. You can see it in her photo art, her paintings and her textures.  And you experience it in her encouragement and gracious spirit. If you haven't met Bonnie, or taken the time to get to know her, I encourage you to do so.

Don't forget to stop by and check out the Gallery this week!


Have a wonder-filled day,




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  1. These are unique selfies and I adore their abstract qualities. I really like the second image, too.

    What kind feedback, June! If I can provide the tiniest bit of inspiration for creatives such as yourself, I am happy. Of course, what must be said is that it is a two-way street and I receive so much inspiration viewing all the exceptional work shared on PAF. Thank you.

    I have to agree with what you say about photos and textures. There are some photographs that should not be tampered with by applying textures. But I do love what a texture can do for many of my less than stellar photographs.

  2. Oh, June ... these are so cool! That second one? Just incredible.

    Reflecting who you are ...

  3. love the one with the crystalline texture---so much so that I went and bought the set!

  4. As I was scrolling down I was thinking of how I would tell you that the second abstract was my absolute fave! How fun that you think so, too. The first one reminds me of art from the 60s. Groovy. Hope you have a blessed and delightful weekend!

  5. So fun! I continue to struggle with stepping outside my non-abstract box. You did a fabulous job stepping outside that box. I enjoy both your pieces, but for different reasons.

  6. oh i do love these, they are so very fun!! i am not a fan of a selfie, selfie, i can never get far enough back to look even close to good. now a selfie with a tripod, that's a different story, the hubs and i do those all the time. the second one is my favorite also!!

    have a wonderful weekend.

  7. How cool. I've gotta join the latest century!

  8. I really like the second shot a lot . . . the negative space on the right really enhances the overall feel of the piece. Great work!

  9. I love abstract (as well as SOOC), but in the case of selfie, I prefer your second one.

  10. Great selfies! I feel the same about Bonnie as well!


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