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Monday, April 14, 2014

Inspired by . . . perfectly imperfect

I thought Kim's prompt for this week, perfectly imperfect, was the perfect opportunity to share my – straight out of the box – shots taken with my new Canon SX50.

{insert happy dance here}

(Keep in mind that I have been shooting with a Kodak EasyShare 3.1mega pixel camera for the last, oh, ten years or so. Most cell phones have a higher mega pixel camera in them! I have been very thankful for my little Kodak. But lately it has decided that it doesn't always want to work when I want to work with it!)

Back to my happy dance. . .

I have been researching {and dreaming about} a new camera for the last two years. I thought I had decided on the Nikon D3100. Great reviews. Pro photographers were weighing in, saying what a great beginners camera this was, etc. I was convinced. Until I met someone whose name I can't remember and blog I can't find – ugh!*** She shoots with a Canon SX50 and after reading her mini review I knew I had to check it out. The more I read and the more I thought it through, the Nikon was more camera than I could handle I wanted. I don't mind learning a few manual settings for certain shots, but I really just want a good great point-and-shoot camera. I think I got that in the Canon SX50.

The following shots are completely unedited. They are the first shots I took with the camera – straight out of the box. {The only thing I did to them was reduce the size for the blog}



Black-chinned Hummingbird



Lesser Goldfinch






Eastern Phoebe Flycatcher

(the blur on the right is a tree)


I was playing with the zoom. Camera was set to Auto. I was shooting from the corner of my porch – the flowers and bird feeders are about 20 feet away.

The next day I took these:



Verbana textured with Kim's justatouch2






Scissortail Flycatcher – SOOC – taken from about 350ft



Cardinal – SOOC



Wildflowers textured with Kim's justatouch


Thanks for indulging me today. I shared more photos than usual. 

Last one, promise. . . .



Kitty – SOOC


Obviously, I'm thrilled with my new camera!

My friend Gail {Louisanna Belle} recently bought one as her 2nd "oops, it won't hurt quite so bad if I drop it in the lake" camera. If you're not familiar with Gail's amazingness, you definitely want to pay her a visit.  Her "test run" on the SX50 can be found here and she turned me on to some great tips from Tony Britton featuring some of the manual settings on this camera.


I'm celebrating the perfectly imperfect today, with others, over at Kim's Café.

Do join us.


Have a wonder-filled day,



***Update – yea! I found her – it was Elizabeth at Beauty Observed!

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  1. June, you are doing GREAT with the new camera!! The standouts for me are the moon (swooning here) and the last one of your cat--WOW. Love the composition and focus on the eye. I haven't taken the SX50 out much lately; I need to remedy that! Thank you so much for the shout-out. Can't wait to see what else you're going to photograph next!! Wish you lived near me so we could go on photo excursions together. Have fun!

  2. Your pictures are more like Perfectly Perfect. Each is lovely and captured the subject nicely. I especially like the way you photographed the cat. Very nice and great review for the camera. :) Don't you just love the zoom feature?

  3. Great pictures! Makes me wanna get one! I can assume the character in the last frame didn't get to see what you were shooting in the previous ones... otherwise he wouldn't still have that "Cool as a cucumber" look on his face. Yeah, pictures don't lie... He is cool! Good looking cat!

  4. WOW! You are some gifted photographer, my friend. Straight out of the box? Just too incredible! Thanks for sharing His handiwork with us! Can't wait to see what other images you'll be capturing in the days ahead!


  5. June I believe you would do any camera justice, beautiful pictures, so clear, makes me want to reach out and touch them. So glad I stopped by.

  6. Enjoy the new camera, the shots look great!

  7. That is one magnificent little camera! The moon shot is stunning, and such great captures of the birds, kitty and flowers! Enjoy your new toy!

  8. Fabulous photos, June - especially so for a first outing with a new camera. You have so many lovely, colourful birds that we'd never seen in our garden back in London. They look amazing. I totally agree about celebrating the imperfections: they make the really good stuff stand out. Have a great week, Bonny

  9. I love all your photos, I can see why you're so thrilled with your new camera ! Enjoy !

  10. Gorgeous shots! Looks like you made a perfect choice for your camera!

  11. Your photos are truly suberb June, your new camera seems perfect, I'm sure you're having a great fun with it <3 !!
    Love to you <3

  12. Just beautiful. You are rather talented, my friend. Looks like your new camera will suit you well. Oh so beautiful!!

  13. What gorgeous pictures! This post just made my day!

    I'm so happy you are like the camera so much. I will have to look at the information you posted because I am still learning my way around it.

  14. Oh the place you will go with this camera... that moon picture alone had me. Incredible. I still cannot capture the moon with my camera... its not the cameras fault though. Glad you are joining us at Life Through the Lens June. I look forward to seeing more of your masterpieces with your new camera.


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