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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Inspired by . . . an incorruptible seed

Last year we were blessed with a beautiful morning glory vine that emerged at the corner of our porch and made it's way up {with a little help from me} onto the railing.




Last fall when the vine went to seed I harvested the seeds and saved them for replanting this year. I'm hoping to have a matching vine on the other side of the porch!

Of course, not all of the seeds I planted germinated. Some of them were bad. Corrupted. Instead of experiencing a rebirth, into something beautiful, the seeds remained dead.




First Peter tells us that:


You have been born again, not from a seed that can be destroyed, but through God's everlasting word that can't be destroyed. That's why Scripture says,
"All people are like grass, and all their beauty is like a flower of the field. The grass dries up and the flower drops off,
but the word of the Lord lasts forever." This word is the Good News that was told to you.

1 Peter 1:23-25


The seed that the Lord plants in the fertile soil of the Believer's heart cannot be destroyed.

When the seeds are properly watered. . .

Do I listen to what God's word is telling me to do?

. . . weeded. . .

Do I repent when convicted of sin?

. . . and pollinated. . .

Do I believe and obey the word?

. . . there follows a beautiful harvest of FAITH!




So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Romans 10:17


God plants His word in our hearts, and we live it out by faith.

How are you living out your faith today?

There are a million ways, big and small – I'd love to hear!






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  1. Well, June ... this sure is a fragrantly powerful reminder to be aware of the subtleness of sin's destruction. I'm keeping these beautiful blooms front and center in my mind today ... and longing for a bountiful harvest. Thanks for this little life lesson.

  2. Excellent analogy and lesson. We need to be obedient like the rest of His creation. Convicting post, June. Thanks.

  3. I'm afraid I don't live out my faith enough, but I have recently spent some time with a bipolar family member that no one else will talk to. So, I guess I gave her some of my time and she was actually quite delightful.

    Your flowers are really beautiful and I love how you related the germination and growth to God's word. God bless!

  4. I think I need to say "Yes!" to God when I feel that He is leading me to step out of my comfort zone, especially when it is scary. I need to trust him and follow after him whole-heartedly! Thank you for sharing your gardening analogy!

  5. Wonderful lesson here! All of creation can teach us about God and how to live for Him.
    What an awesome God we serve!

  6. Yes, it is always in the word of God where I find Him. He has always spoken to me through Scripture. That's where our relationship begins and ends. Everything He reveals to us is there.

  7. A beautiful analogy.... Thank you for sharing this. :)

  8. Your morning glories are beautiful! I'm visiting from Beauty Observed and saw your link there. :)

  9. I do love your lessons, my dear !!
    Thank you so much, to come and visit you is such a great joy !!!
    Have a blessed day xxx

  10. Beautifully delivered lesson on sharing our faith and allowing it to propagate as God plans. Thanks for sharing this. Visiting from Michelle's this morning.

  11. June, we are 'neighbors' at Playdates today. I liked your correlation/metaphor here. It seems I'm always 'weeding' - oh Jesus, help me get rid of the weeds that I don't need.......just like in my vegetable garden!

  12. I really like this lesson! Well delivered! I am living out my faith by taking things slowly and being very intentional with everything. I refuse to be busy for busy sake, and I strive to spend alone time with him to understand His words, as well as live the faith that he has taught me.


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