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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inspired by . . . birdsong


Many of us charge through life devouring one task after another.

"Got that done," we barely take time to say as we're already halfway through the next item on our, ever increasing, "to do" list.

Of course there are some tasks that we want to get through as soon as possible. But these days that hardly seems to matter.

Menial tasks, leisure tasks, pleasure tasks, tasks of service and hospitality – we rush through them all.

The title of a newly published book by Dr. Mark Eckel (ThM PhD) recently caught my eye. "I Just Need Time To Think!" Written primarily for his students, it teaches the Hebraic concept of selah to encourage reflection.

I think we can all use a little selah in our lives.




Once you get on the hamster wheel, it is really hard to get off. You have to be intentional about getting off.

One of the things that has helped me is to build reminders into my life. Just like actors use cues to remember their lines, I use visible or audible reminders to help me slow down and re focus on who and what is important.

Laura gave me a long, cool drink of water the other day at The Wellspring when she posted this:

“…we have a very discreet bandwidth of supersensitive hearing and that's between 2.5 and 5 kilohertz in the resident frequencies of the auditory canal,” he tells host Krista Tippett. “Is there something in our ancestors' environment that matches our peak hearing human sensitivity? Because most of what I'm saying right now, except for the "s" sounds and the high-pitched sounds, falls well below that range. And, indeed, there's a perfect match: birdsong. Birdsong.” - Gordon Hempton, a self-proclaimed acoustic ecologist

The sound of birds singing has always brought me JOY. But to know that God specifically fashioned my ear to hear this sound brings me wonder and leaves me breathless!




Birds are everywhere in our world. Chances are, wherever you spend your day, you'll have the opportunity to hear them.

Birdsong is my newest cue. My newest reminder to . . .


Now whenever I hear a bird sing I pause and remember that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God has a purpose and a plan for my life. Nothing escapes His notice – not even the pitch of a bird's song!

Have a wonder-filled day,




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  1. I'm so glad to be here today via Thought Provoking Thursday. You have a beautiful post and beautiful blog!

  2. Hey June ... aren't you lovin' that birdsong this spring? I think our feathered companions are just as weary of winter as we are ... we both seem to be oh so happy to see each other again ...

  3. Yes, this is so true and I know I struggle to rest. Thank you for sharing with Little Things Thursday! Love your bird images!

  4. I am listening to the birds outside my window as I read your blog this morning - how wonderful to think He fashioned my ear to hear their song! Happy weekend : )

  5. Wise words! Birds certainly know how to enjoy life and are such great reminders of our Creator.

  6. beautiful! I love birds and we are getting the spring birds in our area now! Following over from recommendation Saturday! <3

  7. So glad the birds are returning to the north. I listen for the cardinals that visit our yard.

  8. Sometimes I find myself thinking of that the singing of birds is the Lord's voice, especially in Spring, when they're so many and so joyous ... lots of ways for Him to be beside us and for singing His great Love !
    Lovely your post, my dear, filled with so much love and inspiration, it's really a plesaure to read it ❤
    Thank you so much !!!

  9. Woke up to birds singing this morning. Writing it down on my list of 1,000 gifts.

  10. I was looking over the link ups at Holley Gerth's blog and the title caught my eye ;). I love birds, and spend hours looking for them and photographing them and enjoying their song--but I never knew that our ears are created by God to hear the songs of birds. I'm so glad that spring has returned, and with it more birdies to sing outside my windows :). Thank you for sharing!


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