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Friday, January 24, 2014

Inspired by . . . Grow Your Blog

Hi, everyone!

My name is June, and today I'm participating in Vicki's 2nd Annual Grow Your Blog – Meet and Greet Blog Party! Thank you, Vicki for all the hard work you've done hosting this event! I am so looking forward to meeting, greeting, and making new blog friends over the next few days.


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Whether you're here because of Grow Your Blog, or some other reason – Welcome to Inspired by. . . !

YOU are the reason why I blog! It is my greatest hope that something here will inspire you.

As mentioned on my "About" page, this blog was originally started to highlight and discuss my books. However, as the name suggests, I write and share about anything that inspires me! You will find DIY projects, crafts, jewelry, recipes, photography, inspirational quotes and writings, and so much more among the pages of Inspired by. . . .

This is my 3rd year blogging and one of my greatest JOYs is meeting new people and fellow bloggers like you!

I hope you'll take some time to poke around - - see a bit and read a bit before moving on.

If you like what you see, I hope you'll come back and visit often.

Please leave me a comment – I'd love to meet you!





  1. Hi June,

    I'm visiting from the Grow Your Blog party. It is nice to meet you. I plan to look around a bit more and then be on my way to visit the others. I do hope you will stop by for a visit and enter my giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs – Donna

  2. I started to blog for similar reasons and have found the process to be a blessing. To give and receive. Keep up the good work, June!

  3. Hi, I'm Linda from craftygardener.ca and I found your site from the Grow Your Blog event. It has been nice browsing through your blog.

  4. June,, welcome to the Grow Your Blog Hop! I volunteered to help Vicki as a party volunteer. Vicki will stop by sometime I am sure, but with more than 500 blogs participating it will take her time to visit everyone so she asked for volunteers to help today. I offered to help. I am so happy I did because I have found your blog. Your photographs are truly inspiring!

  5. lovely looking blog with a creative, warm inviting feel to it, great writing voice\

  6. Thanks for your visit to my blog, you have a beautiful blog.

  7. hi there. i'm Beth from E. Lizard Breath Speaks - so nice to meet you through the Grow Your Blog get together/party. ( :

  8. New Follower. I am having fun finding new bloggers to follow...love sewing and quilting. Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  9. Hello, I'm visiting from the GYB party. It has been nice pursuing what inspires you.

  10. You're really lovely, my dear June, you know how much I do appreciate your blog and your heart and I'm so glad you're participating to this event, you deserve to be followed <3 !
    With love

  11. Visiting via GYB, thanks for some thought provoking posts:) Vicky

  12. A truly charming and inviting blog. I have so enjoyed my visit. I will be back for more. I have subscribed to you RSS feed. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I like all things creative n thrifty and I found you from the GYB party.
    I don’t have a lot of blog time in for I just started blogging when I joined the blog party it was my New Year resolution. 600 entries and I am Reading my 367 blog and more to go. Whew a lot of good read and great giveaways. My site http://overboardcreations.blogspot.com/and contact info is ovr_brd@yahoo.com I am reading blogs for inspiration, designs, friends, followings and a all around knowledge of how to blog and join this interesting world of blogging

  14. Greetings from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Very nice to meet you. This has been a great blog hop - finding lots of interesting blogs.

  15. Hi June--thanks so much for visiting me via the GYB party :) You mentioned that your family used to vacation near Old Forge--we just visited there for the first time this summer! I wrote a blog about it and posted a picture of a great, colorful Moose outside the art museum there. Small world. I'm now one of your followers--blessings, Diana

  16. Hello June, visiting from the GYB party. I enjoyed reading your inspirational quotes and seeing the photographs you post. So glad I came across your site. I am following now on bloglovin. Happy blogging!

  17. Hi June
    Yes you have so many beautiful posts here. I am visiting from GYB party.
    I hope you have made some lovely new friends.
    Wishing you great success with your blog!


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