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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Inspired by . . . action

You've heard the phrase, "Actions speak louder than words," I'm sure. And it is true. People can say anything they want, but their actions will prove them out.

The smallest deed, showing a person that they are in your heart and on your mind, means more than the spoken words, "I love you," when followed by neglect.

This was the topic of Max Lucado's Christmas Eve service.

Jesus is God's word in action.




I've often pondered this truth, but can't remember ever hearing it preached this way before. Lucado's words instantly reminded me of a scene from Heart's Desire:


I am the bread of life. Five thousand people were fed with five small loaves and two fish. John was reading in the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John when it hit him.

Jesus's actions spoke louder than His words.

John had been debating all afternoon the best way to apologize to Mel. Now he thought he knew. He flipped back to Luke, and continued reading.

The Son of Man came to seek and save the lost. Save them from what? John continued reading. From an eternity separate from God. How did Jesus save them? John already knew the answer to that question. He had died for them.

And He died for me.

John's thoughts quickly turned from a certain young lady to an all-powerful God. Having never felt God’s love in such a tangible way before, John fell to his knees, truly understanding for the first time what God had done for him on the cross. This was grace, not that he had done or ever could do anything that would merit the kind of love his Savior had shown him. God had given His Son; Christ had given His life so that he might have life. Life eternal with God. The debt for his sins, past, present and future had been paid.

It was dark outside when John finally rose from where he'd been kneeling. Fearing he'd missed dinner once again, he pulled out his timepiece and was relieved to see he had not. More than ever, he was determined to make things right with Mel. Since words seemed to fail him, he was fully prepared to show her by his actions. And with God’s help, he just might pull it off.


Jesus, God, always backs up His words with action. He did it when He walked this earth as a man, and He is still doing it today.


You can trust Him to fulfill His promises to you.






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  1. Your words always comfort our souls June, it's such a joy to come and visit you !!
    Love and Hugs


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