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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Inspired by. . . water

I always enjoy participating in Bonnie's Photo Art Friday.

It gives me the excuse to. . .


Bonnie's {optional} theme this month is, you guessed it, water!

I admit I'm stretching it a bit - - but the ladybug IS on a watering can {smile}.

And I used Bonnie's fabulous Drips of Rainbow, texture. So maybe these will qualify.




Which one is your favorite?




Little red bug, oh so cute,
Here's a black spot for your suit...
~Susan M. Paprocki




How brave a ladybug must be!
Each drop of rain is big as she.
Can you imagine what you'd do,
If raindrops fell as big as you?
~Aileen Fisher




Lovely little ladybug
sent from heaven above
please watch over my garden
and fill it up with love.
~Author Unknown




Little ladybug on my arm
you wear a heart as part of your charm
You joined me on this sunny day
just for a moment then you flew away.
~Author Unknown


Have a wonder-filled day,





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  1. Wonderful photos, exquisite tones. The pure beauty in these flowers ...! They are all my favorites!

  2. I love them all, too!! Wondrously done! I DO especially love the 3rd one for its bright vibrancy!!

  3. Wow - what great edits! I particularly favor the last two.

  4. I really admire these as I am new to this..beautiful...Michelle

  5. I think these qualify just fine. I love sunflower, ladybugs and raindrops. My favorite was the 1st and 3rd versions.

  6. nice editing. The best one for me is the last one of the colored ones. Love the light and texture in it.

  7. Bonnie's texture just gave that lovely sunflower a special glow. Valerie

  8. Beautiful edits! I love sunflowers.

  9. Thank you for coming and reading about bats at my blog ramblingwoods.com. My late friend was a wildlife rehabber and has a special love of bats, bunnies and hummingbirds. I should dedicate that page to her. I didn't realize you were an author. I see you have a book about the Civil War. Before my busy year with my Mother's passing and my cancer, I was researching my family history and have come across and researched family members who fought in the Civil War and one 15 year old who lied to join up and died in a prison camp. Brutal time in our history..I look forward to reading one of you books...Michelle

  10. I really like the way you altered the photo with purple and lavender hues in contrast to the yellow of the sunflower. Beautiful!


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