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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Inspired by. . . symbols

Yes, I'm still here!

Last week was an eventful week. With many unexpected happenings.

I had hoped to share these pictures with you during Easter week. But that proved to be another eventful week, and I never found the time to edit the photos.

I'm not familiar with every culture that exists in this world. But it is probably safe to say that each culture, in some way, uses symbols to celebrate ideas and express what they believe.

I've been blessed to have been born into a family of creative people. My Nana and my aunt specifically are incredibly talented in the art of blowing and decorating eggs. Over the years, I've been gifted with, or inherited, many of their creations.

The first two are examples of blown eggs that have been cut in half and decorated inside.

This is one of my favorites. A whimsical expression of Spring with two ducklings fighting over a worm.



Textured with Kim's 'just stitched'


Here's a symbol I'm sure  you will recognize.



This technique is called quilling. An art form that involved rolling and shaping thin strips of paper.

Here's another example.



Textured with Kim's 'sun kissed'


Not all the eggs are decorated for Easter or spring. This one celebrates our Nation's independence.



Textured with Kim's 'annebelle'

A large '76 is displayed on the back side of this large goose egg.

My aunt is especially talented in the art of Pysanka. You may have heard or seen Ukrainian eggs? These are decorated using a wax-resist {batik} method. They are very detailed, symbolic and beautiful.

The rooster, a masculine symbol, denotes a rich married life and many children. The meander is for immortality, and flowers for wisdom. The color purple means royalty, faith and trust.




Stars, the giver of light and God's love toward mankind. The color red means happiness, hope and passion.




The 8-pointed star, the love of God for mankind. Pussy willows denote the coming of spring. Triangles represent the Holy Trinity. Pine needles symbolize health, stamina and eternal youth. The dark green color means bountifulness, hope, the victory of life after death, and truth.




Finally, another of my favorites. Butterflies represent the resurrection of Christ. The color pink denotes success and contentment.




I hope you've enjoyed my egg display and learning more about these symbols.

Symbols have been a part of our world since the beginning. Look around you. Perhaps there are some symbols there you haven't noticed before. What are they saying to you?


Have a wonder-filled day,




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  1. Wow!!! These are all spectacular. Blessings!

  2. Beautiful set of images, love your interpretation of the theme.

  3. What a beautiful collection! The rooster is my favorite!

  4. You come from very talented women. And it show in your photography - lovely!

  5. Wow! These are amazing. Very creative.

  6. Beautiful work. I hope that you also inherited the skills to continue the tradition. They are really beautiful and creatively done.


  7. Amazing skill and art, June. I love your collection! xo


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