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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inspired by. . . the little things

Honestly, I didn't feel very inspired today.

Feeling a little flu – ish. A little punky. A little overwhelmed.

And, despite the beautiful sunshine and squirrel antics outside my window...

... a little down.

But Bonnie's Gallery opens tonight and I really wanted to be there.

So I thought I would just try. . .


. . . and these little guys really perked me up.



Textured with Bonnie's mauve threads and the little things


These are the three SOOC pictures I used in my collage.



The mauve threads texture was used behind the images. Isn't it fabulous!



I decided to keep playing, so I added the little things texture over the top.

The first image (above the originals) is blended in vivid light and the one below is color burn.

I couldn't decide which I liked best.




Take time to enjoy the "little things" today!




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  1. Oh this really brought a smile to my face....I have monarch babies too and had my very first one eclose on Monday and it was so darn exciting!! I haven't even gotten to edit any of my photos yet, but you have so inspired me to try the mauve threads I have too with them! This is just so fabulous, and thank you for your continued support June! xo

  2. Well - if this is what you accomplish when you feel flu-ish ... can't wait to see more collages when you are feeling fine! :) All three are great, but the dark one has a richness and drama to it that I really love.
    (That is a great texture, isn't it. It makes skies look like a painting by Van Gogh. Makes me happy to see you use it.)

  3. golly, these really lit me up, too!! wondrous work!! hoping you are feeling fit as a fiddle by Now.

  4. Wow! Times 3...these are awesome. That texture worked perfectly with the photo's of the caterpillars. I rarely see caterpillars around here so it was fun to see them in your work. Hope you are feeling much better today.

  5. very cool and very creative!

  6. Wow...I love it, great work. I hope you're feeling better.


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