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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inspired by. . . the little things

Honestly, I didn't feel very inspired today.

Feeling a little flu – ish. A little punky. A little overwhelmed.

And, despite the beautiful sunshine and squirrel antics outside my window...

... a little down.

But Bonnie's Gallery opens tonight and I really wanted to be there.

So I thought I would just try. . .


. . . and these little guys really perked me up.



Textured with Bonnie's mauve threads and the little things


These are the three SOOC pictures I used in my collage.



The mauve threads texture was used behind the images. Isn't it fabulous!



I decided to keep playing, so I added the little things texture over the top.

The first image (above the originals) is blended in vivid light and the one below is color burn.

I couldn't decide which I liked best.




Take time to enjoy the "little things" today!




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  1. Oh this really brought a smile to my face....I have monarch babies too and had my very first one eclose on Monday and it was so darn exciting!! I haven't even gotten to edit any of my photos yet, but you have so inspired me to try the mauve threads I have too with them! This is just so fabulous, and thank you for your continued support June! xo

  2. Well - if this is what you accomplish when you feel flu-ish ... can't wait to see more collages when you are feeling fine! :) All three are great, but the dark one has a richness and drama to it that I really love.
    (That is a great texture, isn't it. It makes skies look like a painting by Van Gogh. Makes me happy to see you use it.)

  3. golly, these really lit me up, too!! wondrous work!! hoping you are feeling fit as a fiddle by Now.

  4. Wow! Times 3...these are awesome. That texture worked perfectly with the photo's of the caterpillars. I rarely see caterpillars around here so it was fun to see them in your work. Hope you are feeling much better today.

  5. Wow...I love it, great work. I hope you're feeling better.


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