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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inspired by. . . ribbon

I seem to remember promising you some DIY wedding inspiration a week or so ago.  Let's start with a DIY wedding invitation!

If you're planning a small scale wedding, designing and making your own invitations is very do-able!

First, let me share my inspiration:







The original links to all of these can be found on my Pinterest "I do" board.


Now, here's mine. . .




The detail on the paper I chose was more subtle than those pictured above and difficult to see in this photo. You can see it better in the image below.

When designing your invitation keep in mind what size envelope your invitation will need, and whether or not it will require extra postage. I formatted my size to fit some envelopes I already had on-hand.





~decorative outer paper, color/texture of choice

~cardstock for inner portion of invitation

~ribbon, color and width of choice

~glue runner

~cutting tool for paper

~scissors, for cutting ribbon

~envelopes and stamps


As I already mentioned, I designed this invitation to fit envelopes I already had on hand. So my process began with measuring the envelope. My outer paper size was cut to 10"W x 7"H, then each side was folded inward, as you see in the image. The wording was printed on the cardstock and then the cardstock cut to fit inside the folded outer paper.  I used approximately 1yard (3ft) of ribbon for each invitation. I know it sounds like a lot, trust me, you almost always need more ribbon than you think you do! In fact if your invitation is wider, it will take even more.

You want to be sure to get all the materials you need for this project the first time you shop. If you have to go back for more paper later, etc., you may find the store is sold out. I recommend making a "mock" invitation out of regular paper to confirm your measurements. Then use a piece of string, or any ribbon you may have on hand to test tie a bow. That will tell you how much ribbon you'll need for each invitation.

theknot.com has an invitation wording wizard, and other tips and examples you might find helpful.

Whatever you do, have fun with it! Make it personal, make it special – it's your wedding!




Have a wonder-filled day!







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