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Monday, December 26, 2011

Inspired by... gifts


Was your Christmas all you hoped it would be?  I certainly hope it was!

Sometimes, though, we can be disappointed if we set our expectations too high. At Christmas-time, with all the hype leading up to the special day, it's easy for that to happen. Especially, if we're focused on the wrong things.

I can still vividly remember one childhood Christmas disappointment. There were several Strawberry Shortcake dolls (and ensuing paraphernalia) under the tree that year. I had wanted them desperately earlier in the year. The only problem was, by the time Christmas rolled around, I had outgrown them! Not only was I disappointed in the gifts, but I was hurt that the Givers hadn't noticed I'd outgrown playing with dolls.

I think that experience may be why I take such care in choosing the gifts I give today, and struggle when having to purchase something for someone I don't know very well.

I take JOY in watching someone open that PERFECT GIFT.



"[The Magi] were overwhelmed at the sight of it and, entering the house, they saw the

child with Mary his mother and bowed low in homage to him; they opened their

treasure chests and presented gifts to him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh."


Can you imagine the expression on Mary & Joseph's faces when the Magi presented their gifts to Baby Jesus?

Gold – big smile!

Frankincense – smile dimming a bit

Myrrh – a frozen, sort of half smile as you remember to be gracious, after all these men are Kings

God, frankincense and myrrh. Not exactly perfect gifts for a toddler, right?

But this wasn't any ordinary toddler.


This was Jesus, The Christ. Messiah.

And the gifts the Magi gave were PERFECT.


GOLD – held great value and symbolized Jesus' DEITY

FRANKINCENSE – is a white resin, a clean burning incense that was mixed with the temple sacrifice and produced a "fragrant aroma unto the Lord." It symbolized Jesus' DESTINY - who, as our High Priest, would offer the ultimate and FINAL sacrifice.

MYRRH – also a resin, with strong antiseptic properties was used for medicinal purposes (pain relief) and embalming. Myrrh symbolized Jesus' DEATH, the bitterness and suffering He would endure.

So you see, the Magis' gifts were perfect and...


God has sent us the perfect gift.

"God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that everyone who has

faith in Him will not perish but have eternal life."




My prayer this Christmas is that you will receive Him.









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  1. Now that is a gift that "one size fits all" no returns ever needed...

    Merry Christmas Friend!!!


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