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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inspired by... comfort & JOY {freebie}


Greetings!  Goodness, this is a busy week for me! I'm getting ready for an event on Saturday, which I'll share with you, hopefully Sunday if I don't pass out for 24 hours first!

I did (somehow) find the time to put together a free December desktop for you though!  I used Jenn's (Dancing Princess Designs) kit, Comfort & JOY and really, really love it!  I definitely need to get busy scrapping some past Christmas memories with this kit!

Here's my layout, featuring last year's Christmas present:



That's Mincey! Isn't she sweet?  My mom and I both got kittens for Christmas last year. Very fun! (and a great incentive to take down the Christmas decorations!)

I think most of you have met MY baby kitty a.k.a. Aslan.




But I digress... today's post is all about welcoming the (insert musical notes here) most wonderful time.... of the year! With a free desktop for YOU!  Download your choice of two sizes HERE.

I've been offering these free desktops for about 4 or 5 months now and I'd love to receive the gift of feedback from all of you!  I don't have a fancy "take a poll" form, but would like to know:

1. Am I offering enough size options? if not, what size do you need?

2. Would you like a second desktop choice that doesn't require adding your own picture?

3. Any other comments, suggestions?


Thanks in advance for your feedback!

I hope you all enjoy this months desktop freebie!





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