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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inspired by... Aslan

Yes, Aslan is my inspiration again today! Sorry, I just can't help it... when I took this picture of him (see below) the other day he reminded me so much of a big mountain lion I just knew I had to do something fun with it!

Bonnie's Pixel Dust Photo Art Friday challenge this week was to share one of our favorite "go-to" edits. Since I'm such a novice, it's unlikely y'all will learn anything new, but hopefully you'll enjoy the journey...

I'm following Bonnie's example and showing you the progression from straight out of the camera (SOOC) to final product.


Creek_Before_Screen SOOC shot of a creek in Wimberly, Texas, taken late afternoon, October 2010


Creek_After_Screen Same shot after applying one of my favorite "go-to" edits. For dark pictures I usually apply a Screen blend mode and then play with the opacity, as necessary, etc.

In this case I applied two layers of Screen blend mode at 100%


Aslan_Before This is the shot, SOOC, of Aslan I mentioned at the beginning.

Isn't he magnificent! I just love him!


Aslan_Extraction Here's my extraction.


Aslan_Prowl_Overlay I just realized I forgot to save the individual layers between the textures to show you...

...so... this is the final, but I did a screen shot of the "recipe" for you below.

I layered Aslan over the creek shot and reduced his opacity to 81%. Then added Bonnie's FrenchToast texture and applied a saturation blend at 100%.  The final step was her Gauze Sheers textures with a difference blend at 100% but only on the tree, I masked out Aslan and the creek background.  I had been playing around and noticed that the difference blend made the tree Aslan is on look like an animal print, which I thought was pretty cool and fit the theme of the picture purr-fectly!


Bonnies_Textures It occurred to me that you never see the textures themselves. Bonnie's FrenchToast is on the left and Gauze Sheers is on the right.


Aslan_screen_shot And for those who may be interested, the recipe.


I had a lot of fun with this! I hope you enjoyed seeing how it was created. I am super excited to view the other entries in the Pixel Party this week, not only for the inspiration, but to learn some new techniques as well! I encourage you to click on over and be inspired as well!






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  1. June, wonderful job with the composite (composition) and the texture processing. It is so much fun to be inspired by everyone. Thank you, kareninkenai (visiting from PAF)

  2. June some interesting samples you've offered here. A wonderful pick up on the dark afternoon photograph too.

  3. Wow June - what an interesting composition! Aslan DOES look like he is on some sort of large snake - his capture! :) Thank you for showing the textures that many might not be familiar with and for sharing your editing process. So happy you linked up with Photo Art Friday. Oh yes, look the dark moody feel of the SOOC, too.

  4. I love your composition! Just gorgeous. Thank you for taking us thru your editing steps, I learned something new!


  5. love that kitty shot & love the shot in the sink on the sidebar, too... too cute! =)

  6. First I do think Aslan is a gorgeous cat.
    Second for being what you called "new" to all this you have me beat by a mile. I have no clue how to do any of what you did.
    It turned out fabulous!

  7. I love the way you've "rescued" that very dark photo.

  8. Thanks for your kind comment of my "tour" of my favorite antique mall.
    Isn't playing around with photo editing fun? I'm still learning.

  9. June, first thank you for translating SOOC, which has always baffled me! Second, your example on the TX landscape is a great "rescue" and last but not least . . . Aslan is gorgeous, and you did a great job of moving him into the jungle!

  10. Aslan is a gorgeous feline! I love the image where you added him to the creek image. It turned out very interesting.


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