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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Inspired by... serendipity


Welcome to another...better late than never...



New to Serendipity Sunday? Every Sunday I share with you the unexpected and wonderful things I found that week! Finding unexpected and wonderful things is what serendipity is all about!

I apologize for being late with today's post. I wanted to post at least one picture from the book signing event last night and had to get them from my mom after church today. But before I get to that, I have a couple of truly serendipitous finds to share with you.


50th Google Follower!

Header 2 feb 11

A BIG thank you and shout out to Holly who blogs over at Simply Life Photographs! Not only was she my 50th Google follower, but she is a sweet, fellow-Texan and I'm thrilled to have made a new friend! Thanks, Holly!


Free Subway Art

Thanksgiving Subway Art with flowers

Janet over at Today's Fabulous Finds has done it again! Click on over and check out all her Thanksgiving Subway Art options! Two different designs and lot's of color choices! Great job, Janet!


A New Experience


Okay, technically, this was not serendipitous. I had two weeks to stress over not think about this event (not unexpected) and it was, well, awful (not wonderful), but since I talked about it here the last two weeks I felt this was the best place to give you the wrap up.

I guess I should clarify that it wasn't the event that was awful. And the experience was an important one for me to have had.  It's more about the fact that my stomach, nerve endings and vocal chords have a way of high jacking my brain and having their own personal earthquake whenever I have to speak in front of more than one three people. My blood-pressure plummets to my toes and, well, you get the idea... awful.


June_BMe talking to the one person that did buy a book, for which I am grateful!

I realize that may be way more than you wanted to know about me, but there was no way I could write a post about how wonderful this event was when I felt like throwing up the entire time. (You can sort of see the pale, deer-in-the-headlights look I was sporting in the pic above) I do, however, appreciate the opportunity to promote The Books and I had a wonderful group of supporters and people praying for me (maybe some of you?) and that made all the difference.


Roses2 The roses my "agent" bought for my display table. These did qualify as serendipitous!


Kudos to the Bulverde Spring Branch Library. They really did a wonderful job of promoting this event. And to Shawnna Poor for her coordination efforts. Unfortunately, the event was a prelude to their Star Gazing event and the clouds rolled in like a blanket around 3pm, so there weren't very many who showed up.

So, today is Sunday. A new day. The event is behind me and I got an extra hour of sleep before church this morning (thank you Daylight Savings Time). Life is good!


What makes your palms sweat?





  1. awww ! you are so wonderfully sweet.. and I am thrilled to be your 50th blog follower and newest reader....and you are beautifully and wonderfully made.. Set Apart..and perfect in His image...I will continue to lift you up in prayer.. and that the public gets easier...

  2. Thank you for featuring my subway art June! I appreciate it!

    That's too bad that the library event wasn't more heavily attended. I'm still so impressed that you write books, something I would never be able to do, not even in my dreams. :)


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