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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inspired by... easy peezy pizza


This is one recipe I always say I'm going to make more often, and then forget to make it. I have no idea why. It's so easy and everyone always raves about it, even though I never make it the same way twice!

It even looks great BEFORE you add the cheese!



You can easily spot the preferences at our house! The right is decidedly meat lovers and the left is... not. This was the first time I'd ever made it with bacon instead of pepperoni and hubby loved it!



Sometimes it's good to run out of the ingredients you usually use!  It keeps the cook creative in the kitchen!

I think one of the reasons this particular version was so yummy is that I used home-made pesto rather than store bought (thanks to my friends who are keeping me stocked in fresh basil!). Using other fresh herbs, like oregano helps too!




Adapted from Cooking Light's Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Mama Mary’s Thin crust pizza

sliced mushrooms

1/2 can quartered artichokes, rinsed well

1 medium red bell pepper, sliced

6 slices of bacon, cooked and crumbled

marinara sauce, about 1/3 cup or to taste

prepared basil pesto, about 3T or to taste

1 - 2 cups (4-8 ounces) shredded mozzarella cheese

fresh oregano

fresh basil

1 tsp garlic, minced

olive oil



1. Pre heat oven according to directions on pizza crust package

2. Slide pizza onto pizza stone (or baking sheet).

3. Brush pizza crust lightly with olive oil

4. Add garlic

5. Spread with marinara sauce, leaving about a ½-inch border around the edge

6. Top with your choice of toppings (vegetables, bacon, etc.)

5. Dollop with 3-4 tablespoons of prepared basil pesto

7. Sprinkle mozzarella (to taste) over vegetables, top with fresh oregano and basil

8. Bake according to directions on pizza crust. For Mama Mary’s it’s 7-10 minutes at 425° or until crust is golden.


I wish I had one more photo for you... showing the golden, bubbly cheese as it came out of the oven. But I started eating before I remembered to take the "after" shot! Yup, it happens! That's how good this pizza is!

Besides being super easy, the great thing about this recipe is how versatile it is – pretty much any ingredient you like will work!  Have fun and make it your own!


What's your favorite easy peezy recipe?

Do you have one that you never make the same way twice?







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  1. It's so funny, I tried a pizza dinner the other night too. My oven shot out the electricity to the whole house. Had to cook my meal over at the neighbours.
    Yours sound yummy. Got to try it after I buy a new oven.

  2. It's making me hungry, even though I just ate! I will give this a try. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Love it! Please post this, and anything else you may have,in my link party at




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