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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inspired by... serendipity


Welcome to another...


...wherein I share some of the unexpected and wonderful things from the past week!



It rained again yesterday! PTL! I've never been happier to see my backyard looking like a pond!


I'd almost forgotten what a good, drenching rain was like. Ah, the sound, the smells. Clean, cool air!




The ruby-throats are back in town! The Fall hummingbird wars have begun! Even though I have several feeders, the ruby-throats fight our native black-chinned hummingbirds for feeder rights!

As much as I enjoy the hummingbirds, there was another bird that made a (much too brief) appearance outside my window this week that literally had me gasping for breath!


Two, that's right, two! of these beauties (Baltimore oriole) landed on the shepherd's hook right outside my bedroom window! Sadly, they were gone before I could gather my wits and grab my camera. I immediately ran to the kitchen and sliced an orange hoping to entice them back, but so far I haven't seen them again. I had never before seen them in living color! To quote Beth Moore, "Delight, delight!"

The last unexpected and wonderful thing I have to share with you arrived by post this week!


This sweet little card is one of Sandy Ang's lovely creations! I met Sandy through blogging and am so blessed to have received this bit of thoughtfulness from her all the way from Singapore!


Doesn't it look perfect nestled against my fabric pumpkins? Thank you, Sandy!!


What serendipitous finds did you have this week?




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  1. So glad this one made it safely. Defintely fits in perfectly with your lovely pumpkins


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