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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspired by... the need


Texas is burning.


There have been four people killed and over 1400 homes destroyed in the wildfire that is burning east of Austin right now. But there are fires burning all over the state.




Yesterday, one erupted up just 6 miles from our house.  It was the 2nd fire at Camp Bullis in as many days.

I was on my way to church when I spotted the great billow of smoke and flames. Emergency personnel passed me as I drove. It's scary not knowing where the fire is. My mother lives next to the church. Works at the Day School at the church. Soon after I arrived at church we got the word to evacuate. The Day School has to act ahead of the possibility of a formal evacuation order.

Mom yells at me to get her cat as I pile three little girls into the back of my car.



This is a view of the fire from the church parking lot. Doesn't look like much, but you're looking at the side of a column of fire that burned over 150 acres. Currently, the fire is 70% contained. But contained is a loose term in an area that is experiencing the worst drought in Texas history. The grass crunches under our feet.

We are living in a tinderbox.


Trees are dying.


Because of lack of water, not because of cold nights.



The ground is crying out for relief.

We cry out,

we need Your help,

come back to our land.


Please pray for rain, for Texas.





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  1. hopefully the fires can become contained and hopefully soon there will be abundant rain.

  2. so scary! I had no idea this was going on in Texas. Praying for rain! (And thanks for linking up to show off your shot!)


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