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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inspired by... moss

I saw this post on Thrifty Chick in May and fell in love with the 'mossy goodness!'
Our mantle/fire place is constructed of limestone and I just knew a chunky moss letter with look fabulous against the creamy yellow and brown tones.  I decided to go with a bit smaller, medium size letter, since I wasn't intending to dominate the space.

There it is on the right... I really love how it turned out!


I used rolled moss, rather than sheet moss. The rolled moss was the perfect width for the front of the letter. It has a lot of wire in it, so it's more difficult to cut, but the wire makes it easer to form.


If you've ever worked with moss (of any kind) you'll know how messy it is. For this project, I actually didn't mind the mess, because I used shedded the moss to cover the places where the wire showed through more than I liked. Worked great!  I liked working with the rolled moss. It was very easy to seam together.


I couldn't resist adding this little guy, from my stash. He looks cute perched up there, don't you think?


I like the way the letter personalizes the space. You should be able to find letters in several different sizes  and materials at your local craft store.  I have some ideas for using letters in other parts of the house that I will (hopefully) be sharing with you soon!

Right now this mossy M is adding just the right amount of texture and color to our mantle. And I think it will work in well with some of the fall decor I have planned.  Despite the fact that our summer has been unseasonable hot and dry, I'm still resisting the mad rush into Fall. (I realize I am in the minority here)


What about y'all, in a hurry for Fall?

Seen anything around blog land lately that you've been dying to make?

Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear!


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  1. I love these mossy projects too and have been pinning a few on my Pinterest board. I will have to give it a try-yours is fabulous!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,


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