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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inspired by... the little things

Not that you would ever get the wrong idea about me...
...but just to make things clear... from the [semi] start of this blog...
... the one thing I am always capable of making...
... and making well...




Doesn't look like much? Well, this was kinda the mess that was left after I cleaned up the mess... hehe.  That's my baby kitty, Aslan in the background.  He hates having his picture taken (note the slant-eye look he's giving me).  The only reason you're not seeing his, ah, other end, in this picture is because I tricked him into thinking I was taking a picture of the mess - ha!

So, now that you know the truth, on with today's post.

There are so many wonderfully creative DIY ideas out there about how to decorate and beautify our homes, it can get a little overwhelming at times.
As my "to do" and "wish" lists have grown, I've had to step back and ask myself some questions:
  1. I love it, but will this work in MY space?
  2. Is it cost effective?  (Some DIY projects are only inexpensive if you're using items you already have on hand - lesson learned.)
  3. Is this a project I need to do, or want to do?
  4. Do I need/want to do it right now, or save it for a later date, maybe when I have the supplies left over or on hand from another project?
Not all DIY projects are practical.  And that's okay.  But sometimes, it's the small, practical changes that give us the most sense of accomplishment.

 To illustrate, I picked out three [little] things around my home that have been annoying bugging me lately and decided to do something to make them better.  Each project cost under $10 and over the next week I'm going to share the before and after with you.

My hope is that this mini-series will inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to decorating and improving our homes.

What questions do you ask yourself before starting a project?


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  1. Those are all great questions to ask before running out to get supplies or starting a project. I see lots of things I like but would not fit my space so I usually ask myself if I can find a place to use the completed item or can I give it as a gift to someone else?


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