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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inspired by... serendipity

Welcome to another...

I'm excited to share with you these unexpected and wonderful things I found this week:

As many of you know, my brother and his girlfriend are visiting this week from Phoenix.  Yesterday we drove up to Lake Travis.  With over 270 miles of shoreline, Lake Travis is a fishing and water sport mecca.  However, with our current drought conditions, we weren't sure what to expect.

It was sad to see the lake so low.  From what I can determine from reading online, the lake is about 20ft below it's normal 10-20ft flux.  So about 40ft below it's "full" level.  You can see the tree line along the banks in the distance.

As sad as it was to see the lake so low, it's present condition was what created the opportunity for me to find something unexpected and wonderful!


Yes, you read rightly.  Rocks.

I realize the average normal person is not excited by rocks.  But I like rocks, especially unexpected and wonderful rocks!  
Hopefully, when I'm done sharing my rocks, you'll like them too!

The lake is so low, we had to drive down a boat ramp (getting the visual here?) and then walk a bit to reach the water.  As I walked along I began noticing the most interesting rocks!  After filling my mother's camera bag (I had no pockets, bag or anything) I realized I would have to be more discriminatory in my pickings.

Here's a look at the collection I ended up with.

I have no idea what they are, but they don't look average to me...

 Lovin' the shells!

 The texture of the one on the right is really strange, like a caramel candy!

That yellow just pops!

I have the rocks setting on a bed of glass shards, covered in water.  The detail and colors in the rocks really pop when they are under water!

So, what am I going to do with them?

For now, they are on display in my kitchen under a couple floating candles.

Their color is not as vibrant when dry, but they're still pretty and would look nice in other (dry) displays as well.  Combined with some drift wood, perhaps... or more shells.

Do any of you collect rocks? have any on display? I'd love to hear!

Anyone know anything about rocks?  I'd love to learn what some of these are.

So, what serendipitous finds did you have this week?


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