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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inspired by... serendipity

Have you ever found something you weren't looking for?  Love, perhaps? or a sale at your favorite store (that never has sales!), a diamond bracelet in a bin of costume jewelry, a friend when you reach out to an enemy, joy in adversity.  You get the idea.  Finding something valuable, where you didn't expect to find it, that's serendipity!


Beginning on Sunday, June 26th (because this Sunday has a special serendipitous-ness all its own!) I'll be sharing with you those things that have serendipitously crossed my path during the week.  These might be other blog posts, pictures, recipes, stories, websites, anything I've discovered during the week that was unexpected and special.

It will be a great way to start the week - don't you think?

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