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Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspired by... truth

"Truth is stranger than fiction." This adage was never more real to me than when I began researching the first book, Heart's Desire.  Set in the pre-civil war South, I discovered I knew a lot of things in general, but not much in detail. 

I write fiction, not fantasy.  (Well, so far!)

My characters and their stories are pure imagination, but I strive to keep the settings and character-behavior historically accurate, no matter what the time period.  I enjoy reading books that do more than entertain, but also help me grow and my writing style tends to reflect that.  I enjoy researching and writing the details that help the reader better understand the character's world. Heart's Desire seems to have achieved this as one reader commented, "Your knowledge of the times is amazing! You transported me right into that book!"

From the beginning of Heart's Desire, Melinda, the main character, did things a 19th century woman should not be doing! You can read about her in the first chapter, HERE.

At first, I was concerned the reader might be put off by this and not continue reading.  You see the story, while fiction, must be believable.  It is important to me to gain and establish my reader's trust.  Subsequent research into Melinda's, er, activities, proved very encouraging.  I found numerous, interesting, at times bizarre stories of women (during the same time period) doing exactly what Melinda does in Heart's Desire, though not always for such righteous of reasons. 

It's always a challenge to keep the reader interested in the story, not revealing too much too soon, while at the same time not drawing things out too long.  I hope the first chapter of Heart's Desire will interest you enough that you'll continue reading...

What's your favorite truth? that's stranger than fiction?

Further Inspiration...

Below is a picture of Tezcuco Plantation.  Tezcuco means "a resting place" and can't you just imagine yourself sitting on that beautiful porch, enjoying a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade as the breeze from the nearby Mississippi river ruffles the fronds of those potted ferns?  I could and this gracious raised cottage quickly became my inspiration for the Elliott's Riverview Plantation featured in Heart's Desire.

Happy Reading!

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