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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inspired by... dreams

That's how they all started really, the books, with a dream.

I dream nearly every night, or I should say morning, since that's when most of them seem to happen. Which means I usually wake up before the dream is finished (or morphed into something different). That's what happened... I was having a dream, an really interesting dream and I wanted to know how it ended, or what came next...

Sometimes, if I think really hard about the dream, I can go back to sleep and the dream will start again. Not this time. As I already mentioned, it was an interesting dream and I wanted to know what happened next. For the first time it occured to me that, it was my dream! if anyone could decide what happened next it could be me, right? And so I wrote what happened next... and Hearts Desire, was born.

It was a little intimidating when I realized I was writing a book. I had never given any thought to writing a book, never had the desire to write a book. But once I got started, Melinda's story turned out to be much bigger than I ever imagined and by the time page 150 came along, it was time to admit: I was writing a book!

What was even more intimidating, was that the people who read the book - really liked it!

I'll talk about why that was so intimidating (and still is!) in the next post.

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